The conservative rock icon Ted Nugent recently revealed his thoughts on the leaked draft opinion in a new episode of his ‘The Nightly Nuge.’ According to Nugent, the draft opinion has no intention of banning abortions.

The draft opinion leaked on May 2 argued that the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortions was wrong from the beginning. Penned by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, the opinion made the public fear that there were plans to allow states to ban abortions.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams expressed her concerns about the leaked draft opinion, while Rage Against The Machine stated they would stand in support of reproductive justice. On the other hand, Ted Nugent claims the draft opinion isn’t about abortion bans.

Speaking to The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent said that leaking the draft opinion is a crime, and the responsible for the leak must be brought to justice. Moreover, he claimed that the statement is about taking a step back and realizing the court didn’t have the authority to determine this decision back then.

Adding that the media is the source of disinformation, Nugent said the draft opinion didn’t ban abortions but reviewed that the last legal consideration about the matter was unconstitutional. According to Nugent, it’s not about prohibiting abortions but reviewing the Roe v. Wade decision.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following:

“There are two issues: the leak is a crime, and somebody needs to be brought to justice; but two, the leak wasn’t about ending Roe v. Wade; it was about taking a step back and identifying that the court didn’t have the legal authority to determine that 50 years ago. And meanwhile, everybody’s screaming that abortions are now banned.

These are the maniac days of dishonesty, and it’s manifested by fact-checkers who are allergic to facts. Facts, truth, logic, and common sense are Kryptonite to the left. So, good Americans must organize, and we must stand up to make sure that we let our elected employees, friends, neighbors, people at church, school, work, and around the campfire know that the megaphone of the media is one big toxic lie.”

He then continued, revealing his thoughts on the draft opinion:

It didn’t ban abortions; it’s just reviewing that the last legal consideration was unconstitutional. We have to get back to the Constitution. So I’m a big constitutionalist guy.

So, we need to find out who the leaker was and bring them to trial. And we need to try to get past the lies of the left that it’s not about banning abortions; it’s about reviewing the Roe v. Wade decision.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.