Ted Nugent recently joined That Jamieson Show for an interview during which he claimed that Tom Morello is a good man, but this doesn’t change the fact that he’s raging against nobody.

Although Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Ted Nugent are worlds apart, especially considering their different political views, they are actually friends. Even though Ted Nugent is a relentless supporter of the U.S. Republican Party, gun rights, hunting rights, and former President Donald Trump, Morello is almost the exact opposite of him.

Tom Morello identifies himself as a socialist and holds left-leaning political views like his Rage Against The Machine band members. He is a member of the labor union, the Industrial Workers Of The World, and he tries to support workers’ rights at any chance possible. Besides, he is not a fan of Donald Trump at all.

According to Morello, his friendship with Ted Nugent has roots in their shared love for music and rock and roll, and due to that, they remain as friends although they have different political views. While this is the case for Morello, Nugent still criticizes the guitarist for his beliefs, as he had also criticized Morello’s relationship with Michael Moore.

In a recent interview with That Jamieson Show, Ted Nugent yet again targeted Morello. He described him as a good and kind man and a great guitar player but criticized him for wearing a Che Guevera shirt as Guevera would have killed Morello first. He then claimed that Morello is not actually raging against the machine; he is raging against nobody.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following about Tom Morello:

“I would tell Tom ‘I love you, Tom.’ He’s a great husband, great father, great guitar player, and he’s a good, kind man. But I would also say, ‘Tom, why would you wear a shirt with a picture of Che Guevara on it? Because Che Guevara would have killed you first. He’s a homicidal, genocidal maniac. Why don’t you just wear a Charles Manson or an Adolf Hitler shirt? Tom, what are you doing?’

‘Well, we’re raging against the machine.’ Well, you’re not raging against the machine that made your guitars, you’re not raging against the machine that built that facility you’re doing concerts in, and you’re not raging against the machine that grows your family’s food. You’re also not raging against the machine of the airline industry that flew you to your concert. Who the hell are you raging against? Nobody!

You can watch the rest of the interview below.