The veteran rock musician, Ted Nugent has wished a happy Thanksgiving to his fans with an extraordinary video that points out that we are all animals despite what the vegan community claims.

As you may know, Ted Nugent, who is famous for his endless support for Donald Trump and as an advocate of hunting, has been encouraging his fans to celebrate Thanksgiving as they have always done even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans against the big family gatherings this year.

Nugent urged his followers to have a joyous family dinner as he had in his recent blog post on the ‘Deer & Deer Hunting.’ The guitarist said they continue to celebrate some great deer hunting as the Christmas Holidays approach, during Thanksgiving with family and friends.

On his latest Facebook update, Ted Nugent stood for his thoughts once again and stated that we are all animals. He shared a video in which a cat and dogs, that are dressed as humans, having a huge Thanksgiving dinner. He slammed not only the vegan community, which is against hunting but also the people who gave up on the Thanksgiving celebration due to COVID-19.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said in his latest Facebook post:

“We are all animals!

You can see the post here.