Rock veteran Ted Nugent targetted the current president of the USA, Joe Biden, and the government once again by defining Biden and his team as ‘the gang of idiots’ during his recent live stream on Facebook.

As you may recall, Ted Nugent, a Republican party supporter, has heavily criticized president Joe Biden in almost every interview he participates. He claimed that the election was a fraud and COVID-19 is a fabricated virus to damage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Moreover, Nugent described Joe Biden as Satan No. 1, the worst human possible to represent America. Also, he previously stated that Biden’s government is the enemy of mankind.

In his recent interview, the handsome devil called out the US government for not arresting the congressperson who married their brother to come to the country illegally. He highlighted that America is being controlled by ‘a gang of idiots’ to target Joe Biden and his administration team.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“Arrest the traitors and trial them for treason. Arrest any congressperson who married their brother to illegally get into the USA. Get rid of the shotgun plug! You can shoot experts. Who cares how much ammo you waste! Idiots… We’re literally controlled by a gang of idiots. Dangerous and punk ass idiots…

Get yourself a lightweight graceful bow. It is absolutely effortless to drawback, becomes the mystical flight on the air. It will strengthen your spirits, soul and bring you much energy, mojo. You can fight the evil that is permeating the American government, media, academia, Hollywood. Those are the enemies of mankind.

Therefore, Ted Nugent attacked Joe Biden and Democrats once again by calling them idiots and enemies of humankind along with their supporters in media, academia, and the movie industry.

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