Former Damn Yankees star Ted Nugent was recently interviewed by Bravewords this week and talked about his plans on making new music with his former band ‘Damn Yankees’ and stated that every single member of the band is busy as hell right now.

As you might already know, Damn Yankees have released their latest ever album named ‘Silence Is Broken’ back in 1993 and they did not release anything new since that day. In his latest interview, Ted Nugent has stated that he still sees all band members, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, and despite they are all busy right now, they can still record something new.

Ted Nugent stated that he’s in touch with Jack and Mike and Tommy right now and it is not off the table right now to publish a new song together. However, it’s hard to get in the same room together with all their pursuits and his pursuits right now.

Here is what he said:

“What a great band. What a great bunch of guys, what a bunch of soulful bastards. I just love original American rhythm and blues rock ‘n’ roll, and we incorporate it in every song, every songwriting, every performance.

I have nothing but incredible respect for Tommy and Jack and Michael. Of course, Tommy’s been so busy since the Damn Yankees’ last tour in ‘93. In those five years we sold five million records, created some incredible songs, performed unbelievable concerts. Those guys are so soulful.”

He continued:

“Everybody is busy as hell. But I’ve always said, I’ve got a lot of piss and vinegar and I keep in touch with Jack and Mike and Tommy, and it’s unlikely that we’ll get together and do another Damn Yankees delivery, but it’s not impossible.

We all want to, it’s just a matter of logistics. It’s hard to get in the same room together with all their pursuits and my pursuits, and prioritization – our expanding families, our love of quality family time – but it’s not off the table.”

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