Famous rock music veteran and political activist, Ted Nugent, made a new live stream on his official Facebook account and cleared the air about his recent announcement that declares he’s COVID-19 positive, and he thought he was dying.

As you might already remember, Ted Nugent made a recent announcement on his official Facebook account last week and admitted that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. In the same live stream, he also stated that he literally could hardly crawl out of bed for a week by saying, “What a pain in the ass!”

Today, he made yet another live stream and responded to the criticism that he was denying COVID-19 before. Ted stated that he never denied the existence of the virus by naming it ‘Chinese Virus’ once again and repeated his earlier statements about shutting down the whole country and the music scene because of the COVID-19.

Here is what Ted said in his latest live stream:

“The lies I’ve seen that I’ve been doing these public appearances knowing I had the COVID-19. False. Saying that I claimed COVID-19 was a hoax. False. I’ve always said… We have actually footage of me saying, if not hundreds, thousands of times…

Of course, there’s a Chinese virus. Hello? Who thinks that I claimed there’s no Chinese… There’s a Chinese virus. They call it COVID-19. I’m well aware of that.”

He continued:

“You know, comfortably numb is actually uncomfortably dumb, because when I said, ‘What about COVID-1 through -18?’, they missed the whole point. I know there was not a COVID-1 through -18, but there were past COVIDs prior to COVID-19 that nobody ever shut down any mom-and-pop businesses, never encouraged the economic destruction of the entrepreneur engine that drives America.

So I was merely commenting that prior to COVID-19, nobody ever shut down anything — not for Ebola [virus], not for the Spanish Flu, not for AIDS, not for the Black Plague. But they’re doing it for COVID-19. So I was referencing those past epidemics-slash-pandemics as maybe a generalization of COVID-1 through -18.”

You can watch the whole stream below.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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