The veteran rock guitarist and singer, Ted Nugent, has shared a new photo of himself from the hunting trip via his official Instagram account.

While Ted was trying to ambush for a deer, he hunted down a really big whitetail deer and shocked after realizing this. In addition, he posed right beside it with his camouflage jacket and green hat.

During the time, the post got over 9.000 likes and the people left their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Ted Nugent captioned:

“HolyShit backstrappers! I got crazy lucky tonight on some of the spookiest whitetail deer I have ever tried to ambush! My Michigan stealth improvised adapted and overcame! 777Ranch in Hondo Texas with Jeff Rann in a camp full of great Americans! Say hallelujah like you mean it! I got tags I got arrows shits gonna die!”

A fan named Doug Truax added this comment:

“You are an American icon. Keep up the shit-kicking arrow flinging life🤙”

Another fan named Angie wrote this:

“Nice… and with a bow and arrow too.. too perfect.”

You can check the photo below.