Former lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes and a Rock music veteran, Ted Nugent posted a new story on his verified Instagram page after a very long time.

On this story, Nugent referred to his latest Instagram post and made his followers know.

Here is the caption:

“Thank you thank you thank you McHenry county fair Woodstock Illinois for the dream music celebration!

And thank you to the McHenry county fair board for sticking to their guns and defying the nasty hate filled lying democrats trying to stop the greatest concert in the history of McHenry county fair.

Good trounces evil again! Godspeed great American families in the asset column to hell with the soulless haters in the liability column. The music makes us do it! Yowza!!”

As you will see below, Ted is performing while there is a huge flip-off image is on the background.

You can see the story and the photo right below.