Ted Nugent recently released the lyric video for his ‘Born In The Motor City’ song from his latest album. The video’s iconic visuals drew significant attention from the longtime Nugent fans.

Following his ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ album in 2018, Ted Nugent released his latest and sixteenth solo studio album entitled ‘Detroit Muscle’ on April 29, 2022. Also, before the release, Nugent shared some details and parts from his track during his various live streams.

The record’s tracks such as ‘Come And Take It,’ ‘Born In The Motor City,’ and ‘American Campfire’ became the fans’ favorite songs and received positive reviews, especially on the social media platforms. The musician didn’t forget to highlight Greg Smith and Jason Hartless’ contributions to the album.

Recently, Nugent dropped the ‘Born In The Motor City’ lyric video. Nugent stated that it was a part of paying homage to his hometown Detroit, including rare photos from there and his performances. As they said in the comment section, the fans found it pure rock and roll and well-crafted.

Here’s what Nugent said about it:

Born in the mighty Motor City in 1948, I was engulfed in authoritative dynamic grinding musicality that imprinted on my very soul, and this record maximizes the accumulation and lifetime celebration of that energy.”

You can check out the video and album below.