Ted Nugent recently streamed a live video on his Facebook in which he revealed his plan B in case his social media accounts get banned.

Ted Nugent is a musician who makes the headlines more for his controversial remarks rather than his music. He is a conservative who bluntly reveals his political views, advocates hunting and gun ownership rights, and is an anti-vaxxer. Nugent is also a supporter of the Republican Party, and he harshly criticizes the current government.

As Nugent’s views often clash with other people’s beliefs, he faces heavy criticism over his remarks. The musician mainly uses his social media accounts to talk about political, social, and cultural matters. Specifically, Ted uses Facebook and Youtube to do live streams and chat with his fans.

Uncle Ted recently streamed another live video on his Facebook. In the video, he stated that he can’t believe he hasn’t been banned from social media yet. The musician then revealed that he now has a new Telegram account that won’t be censored and fact-checked by liars. Following that, he claimed that the government, media, academia, Hollywood, and big tech are trampling on everyone’s freedom.

Ted Nugent said during his Facebook live stream that:

“I can’t believe I haven’t been kicked off here yet. In case I do, I have a new Telegram account. Go to the Telegram app, just find it. My Telegram account is Ted Nugent Gonzo. Telegram, where it’s not going to be censored, and it’s not going to be fact-checked by liars.

What the hell! Everything the left stands for is just the opposite of the truth.

I love America, I love freedom, I love liberty. I’m addicted. I demand it. I don’t just love freedom, I demand freedom. And our government, media, academia, Hollywood, and big tech are trampling on our freedom.”

You can check out the rest of Ted Nugent’s live stream below.