During a recent appearance on ‘Eddie Trunk Podcast,’ rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about the days that he was touring with Van Halen and revealed the never-told-before story of how he and Eddie Van Halen traded their iconic guitars.

The interviewer reminded Nugent that iconic story of how he traded his guitar with Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen. The interviewer also asked if Eddie Van Halen had ever played Nugent’s iconic guitar, Gibson Byrdland, on stage during their collaborative North American tour.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated:

“Absolutely. Van Halen, it was their first tour; it was ’78, ’77-’78, it was the biggest tour on planet Earth. I was a bad motherfucker in 1978, and I heard all about this Eddie Van Halen guy.

And they’re out there doing a soundcheck – we want them to have a good checking of their sound, and I‘m listening to the guys and, of course, they’re just world-class musicians, Alex [Van Halen, drums] and Michael [Anthony, bass] and Eddie and David [Lee Roth, vocals], and they’re out there with this brand new thing called Van Halen, and it was a monster.

And I’m listening to this screamy high end – he [Eddie] had a little bit of phaser going on, he had some kind of electronic warfare going through his amplifier that he completely tore apart and rebuilt – he’s just an electronic maniac.

And I listen, and I’m going, ‘God damn, what kind of an instrument and an amp does that son of a bitch use?!'”

He continued:

“I went out to watch those guys and they went to talk about the tour, the music, the inspirations, and the tone, and he goes, ‘How did you get that Byrdland to sound like that?’

And I saw my Byrdland right there, and I said, ‘Well, here, plug this son of a bitch in, we’ll keep it in my Fender amps.’ And of course, my Byrdland feeds into that low volume, the Byrdland wants to eat your phase.

So, Eddie’s playing, but once he got out of the feedback – there’s a feedback that will literally eat the notes you’re trying to play. The feedback is so strong, you could go for a scale in the key of B, but the feedback is resonating in the key of D and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

So he repositioned himself, he started pulling these mystical licks, and it sounded just like him, but out of my rig.”

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