During his recent livestream on Facebook, veteran rocker Ted Nugent talked about the recent news about the upcoming Olympics that allows transgender people to compete in the event.

As you may already know, transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was formerly competing in men’s weightlifting before transitioning back in 2013. And recently, International Olympic Committee opened up the way for transgender people to compete in events while sticking to some of the rules.

After the announcement, Hubbard is now allowed to compete in women’s weightlifting as long as she holds her testosterone level below ten nanometers per liters for at least a year before competing.

In the livestream, Ted criticized the fact that the committee allowed men to compete against the women and said that it would be unfair for the women who can not lift heavier than men, even though their transition.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“I heard the story of the world record holder weight-lifting champion which was born a man was allowed to compete against women.

See, there’s a manifestation of a cultural abandonment the likes of which I don’t think we’ve ever seen before — where a man gets to go, ‘I feel like a woman so I’m gonna compete against the women.’ Then they set world records in athletic events because they’re a man competing with women.”

He continued:

“And some dirtbag would go, ‘Yeah, that’s perfectly legitimate. That makes perfect sense.’ Because women can’t lift as much as men, so the man who claims he’s a woman — he’s not a woman; the penis might be an indicator.

And he sets world records in athletic competitions where a man is competing against women. And some mindless dirtbag goes, ‘Well, that’s legitimate. That’s good.’

Woah! You have to literally trade in your soul for a sun-baked turd to believe that a man can compete against women and that that’s okay.”

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