Ted Nugent recently did a live stream on his Facebook account in which he recalled the time Ozzy Osbourne‘s radio show played his song, although it wasn’t heavy metal.

On November 12, 2008, the radio station The Boneyard went on a hiatus until January 15, 2009. In 2012, Sirius/XM decided to relaunch The Boneyard by partnering with Sharon Osbourne. Following that, the radio station was renamed Ozzy’s Boneyard.

After being relaunched as Ozzy’s Boneyard, the channel played classic hard rock and heavy metal music as well as mainstream rock. Moreover, the channel’s slogan was ‘Hard and heavy classic rock, under the influence of Ozzy.’

According to Ted Nugent, Ozzy’s Boneyard once played one of his songs, although it wasn’t heavy metal. In the live stream, Nugent also announced his new song ‘Come And Take It’s debut. He then asked his fans to call the radio stations to tell them to play the song.

Following that, Nugent stated that his fans called the radio stations back in the time to insist they play ‘Fred Bear.’ He then said The Boneyard played ‘Fred Bear’ for this reason, even though it was not even heavy metal.

In his Facebook live stream, Ted Nugent said that:

“‘Come And Take It,’ out now. Here’s a good idea, call every rock and roll radio station and hammer them maniacally. Tell them to play Ted Nugent’s new American battle hymn, the love song, rock and roll masterpiece: ‘Come And Take It.’ Tell them every 15 minutes.

That’s what people do around the country. They call [and say] ‘Play ‘Fred Bear’!’ ‘Play ‘Fred Bear’!’ ‘We already played it!’ ‘Play it again!’ ‘Play ‘Fred Bear,’ it’s the hunting season!’ ‘Play ‘Fred Bear’!’ They played it on The Boneyard, it’s not even heavy metal, it’s real music.”

Below, you can listen to Ted Nugent’s ‘Fred Bear’ and his brand-new song ‘Come And Take It.’