Famous Rock music veteran, Ted Nugent posted a bunch of new photos on his social media account after his latest tour.

Ted Nugent called his latest tour ‘best of his life’ and thanked his fans by saying that they are real music lovers.

Here is Ted’s statement:

“BoyOboyOboy! Whattawhatta killer tour! Best of my life!! 6 more firestorms to go-Cinci23 EriePA24 LexingtonMI27 CantonOH28 ColumbusOH30 DTEPineKnobMI31!!

Glory glory hallelujah Lord have mercy! The music made me do it again and again and again and again! Thank you, real music lovers, everywhere!

The shitkicker soundtrack throttles on! . 📷: @jebrown202″

In addition, he posted some photos with his friends and musicians via Instagram Stories, and shared that photos with a simple caption: “dangerzone”.

richard_felton commented on the photo:

“So are you Ted last Friday night, in Greensboro North Carolina it had been about 40 years since the last time I saw you in Greensboro better than ever!!”

You can see the photos below.