Veteran rocker Ted Nugent has made a new announcement about his new album during a recent live stream via his official Youtube account.

Back in 2018, Ted Nugent released his fifteenth studio album featuring a total of ten songs, named The Music Made Me Do It. Also, Ted described this album as R&B and rock n’ roll. However, he didn’t release any single album or EP since then.

Yesterday, the iconic musician announced that he will start recording new songs in a week during Father’s Day and revealed that it will sound like Detroit muscle, outrageous, killer, and ‘rock n’ roll’ as always.

Furthermore, Ted Nugent didn’t forget to praise their bandmates and said that they will be recording ten songs with these legendary musicians. Additionally, he hoped that the new project will be released this winter.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“Jason and Greg and I will be in this sanctuary in the Ted Nugent man cave cuckoo’s nest of sonic bombast delight starting in about 10 days… No, one week — holy shit! — one week from today, on Father’s Day, we will begin recording Ted Nugent Detroit muscle, outrageous, killer, grindmaster rhythm-and-blues rock and roll songs. I can’t wait.

Jason Hartless — best drummer on the planet. Greg Smith — best bass player and a killer vocalist. And we’re gonna come in here and unleash 10 monster songs — killer new songs for a killer new record that we’re gonna record in the next couple of weeks.

And I hope to God that the Ted Nugent Detroit muscle CD, or however they do it nowadays — the record, my new album — will be out before the winter, I hope. Maybe before hunting season, ’cause we’re gonna wrap it up here in the next month.”

You can check out the interview below.