Ted Nugent recently broadcasted a live stream on his Facebook. In the video, he stated that he has the footage of the invasion of America’s borders and revealed what he thinks the only solution is.

Although he is a talented musician, Ted Nugent is at the forefront primarily for his controversial views. He advocates the right to bear arms, and he is on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association. Moreover, the musician thinks that every citizen has the right to protect themselves, and not carrying a gun makes one incredibly vulnerable.

As you may know, thousands of migrants try to come to America by passing through the Southern border. Although the government tries to expel most of them, it remains a concern for the country. Especially after the recent news in Afghanistan, many migrants are trying to get into the United States.

Ted Nugent recently did a live stream to talk about these concerns and the importance of gun ownership. He said he was ‘born with constitutional carry‘ and his right to self-defense, so he does not need the authorization to carry a gun.

Following that, Nugent talked about the situation at the borders in Texas. The outspoken musician revealed that he has footage of the invasion and the dead bodies in the private ranches of South Texas. Moreover, he said Governor Abbott failed his responsibility to secure the borders, and he needs to get out of the way so that the citizens get a better politician to secure them. He then described this migrant issue as an orchestrated invasion of America.

Ted Nugent stated in his recent Facebook live stream that:

“I was born with constitutional carry. I don’t need you to authorize my right to self-defense. I don’t need a man to go ‘By the way, today I allow you to keep and bear arms.’ Fuck you! I was born with that right. I don’t need your paperwork. I don’t need your authorization.

It’s all backward, we the people are the boss. You motherfuckers work for us. Think just the opposite. We need to reign them in, we need to fire these bastards who are violating their oath to the constitution.

Texas can be saved by colonel Alan West. He’ll secure the borders. Texans, wake up!

I got footage of the invasion in the private landowners of the border. I got footage of the dead bodies strewn across private ranches in South Texas. Rusty Kimbrell. Dennis, Razor, Scott, Sam Brown, Tim Ashley, Jack, Mark, Criss Craig, everybody. Go to your local mayor and get a petition.

Governor Abbott has failed his number one responsibility in Texas and in America by not securing the borders. He needs to get lost, get out of our way so we can get somebody to secure the borders.”

He went on to say:

“Our government is orchestrating the slaughter of innocents by welcoming these idiots to illegally invade America. If you illegally invade America, you’re an idiot and you’re a threat to America. There is an authorized entrance and you can only come in that way. Who doesn’t know this except the bureaucrats?

Hey, Ted Cruz, do something! Because if you don’t, we’re going to. ‘Oh, that sounds like a threat.’ No, it’s a promise. Texans can secure the border. If our hired employees whose number one responsibility is to protect our borders, if they fail, we’ll do it. We know how to do it.

This is an orchestrated invasion of America by people from Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, coming through our southern border and being flown into America on military aircraft.”

It is known that Ted Nugent is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Trump’s solution for the migrant problem was building a state-funded border wall. The former President also issued a recent statement where he claimed this issue is perhaps the greatest crisis in the history of America.