Ted Nugent expressed his thoughts about racism in the United States by stating that white people aren’t racists and revealed the real racists of the country in his recent live stream on Facebook.

As you probably know, racism in America is one of Ted Nugent’s favorite topics, which he wants to discuss at any time possible. He even criticized the Black Lives Matter protests by claiming that the protesters are Democrat terrorists who hate their country and want to divide the citizens with false accusations, such as racism and white supremacy.

Nugent always highlights that there is no systematic racism and white supremacy in the country both in his live streams with his fans and his interviews. In addition to his denial, he had also previously claimed that white supremacists haven’t killed black people for years.

During his live stream, Nugent drew attention to American Express’ critical-race-theory training program for their employees and targeted the program saying that the brand is labeling every white people as racist. According to him, the real racists are the companies that have a color in their names.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“Have you seen American Express’s having special sessions with their employees to tell them white people were racists? The white equals racism… What a vicious, treacherous, and nasty lie! The only racists in the country are groups and organizations that they have a color in their names. That’s the definition of racism.”

So, it seems that Nugent will continue to deny racism and white supremacy in the country by attacking different companies and organizations which defend its existence.

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