American singer Ted Nugent spoke in an interview with Rock Talk and revealed his thoughts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Interviewer said “is that something that you would want to see in the States or is Canada absolutely crazy?”, and Ted Nugent responded:

“Canada’s absolutely crazy. I love my Canadian friends, but [Justin] Trudeau [the Prime Minister of Canada] is comfortably numb. And when you’re comfortably numb, you make stupid decisions.

I would just propose to you that after 70 years of the American Dream of being the best that I can be enforced by disciplining parents that loved me, to be the best that I can be, I have never seen one moment of a positive outcome from someone getting high. Who do you want high? Your babysitter? How about your kid’s bus driver, how about your pilot? Your dentist, comfortably numb? How about the cops, high?

It’s unbelievable that you could possibly witness the heartbreak and destroyed lives from people being comfortably numb and high and the loss of life and the loss of dignity and the tragic vapor trail of substance abuse, and then actually pursue it.

I’m all for medical marijuana, I’m all for medical anything as long as it’s really beneficial for people suffering from health issues. But to legalize recreational comfortably numb is a guaranteed script for ruined lives. The recreational drug legalization in Colorado has created a near 200% increase in highway fatalities and injuries. And just all kinds of tragedy and heartbreak and ruined lives and destruction – I’m not for any of that.

I’m for being the best that you can be, which can only be accomplished when you call upon all your gifts from God to maximize your awareness, your conscientious behavior, and accountable conduct so that you can be an asset to your family, neighbors, fellow man, and the good Earth instead of the comfortably numb liability.

Now people will squawk and piss and moan that I’m a nasty guy and I’m against freedom and against individual choice. Well, I’m all for freedom, but if that includes shitting in the water upstream from my pursuit of happiness, you will have to relocate your shitting procedures.

You can’t poop upstream from my American dream, or my Canadian dream. You’ll have to poop somewhere where it doesn’t flow downstream to other people’s lives. And in the use and the abuse of substances, I’m sorry, there are no winners. Period.”

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