Ted Nugent heavily targeted TV host Jimmy Kimmel once again during his recent live stream on Facebook, saying that he is a dishonest and hateful person who is a bad example to his son.

As you might remember, Ted Nugent has shared his ideas about COVID-19 multiple times and claimed that it’s a fabricated virus to harm Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. However, he was also caught COVID-19 some of months ago and went through a tough time due to its side effects.

Thus, many people started to criticize and mock Nugent’s situation as a person who denied the virus’ severity but suffered a lot because of it. One of them was Jimmy Kimmel, who he shared some clips from Nugent’s previous speeches about COVID-19 and mocked the musician.

Ted Nugent responded to Kimmel, saying he’s a rotten person and prayed for his son, who was seriously ill. In his latest live stream, Nugent slammed Kimmel again and highlighted that his son will be ashamed of him when he grows up and learns that his father is a liar and hater.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“There has never been truth in Hollywood. You’re a bunch of devils, zombie punks. Jimmy Kimmel… What is your child going to think when he finds out how rotten you are, how dishonest you are, how drunken you are? You are a shitty father. You are living by an example, teaching your kids to be dishonest and hateful. Shame on you! Shame on all you leftist Marxist punks.”

Consequently, seems like Ted Nugent won’t stop criticizing Jimmy Kimmel as he has now called him a ‘shitty father’ after the host’s harsh words about him while he was struggling with the disease.