Rock veteran Ted Nugent heavily criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his team by describing them as dishonest and Nazi fact-checkers who have constantly been censoring people’s comments in his Facebook live stream.

As you may recall, Ted Nugent had previously targeted Mark Zuckerberg by calling his platform, Facebook, ‘an anti-American boat’ while using the same boat to connect with his fans and share his ideas about the social and political problems of the USA.

However, Nugent stated that he will continue doing his live streams on Facebook until Zuckerberg kicks him out for his rightful cause, saving America from ‘Satanic Democrats.’ Thus, he justified the reason he’s using Facebook by saying that he had to do it to reach more people and deliver his message to them.

During his Facebook live stream, Ted Nugent accused Zuckerberg and his team of being communists and Nazi-like fact-checkers because of Facebook’s censorship policies. According to Nugent, no one should prevent Americans from sharing their ideas about different subjects. Finally, he invited Zuckerberg to a debate, which Ted believes he can never win.

In Nugent’s words, he stated:

The Communistic Nazi-like censorship… Mr. Zuckerberg and all your lying, dishonest, freak fact-checkers, just take a deep breath in and think for a minute. Could your mother be proud of you? Being so dishonest and literally censoring your fellow Americans… Is there any guilt in your soul? Considering you still have a soul…

You can ban me but that’s just making my point. You can continue to repress me but that’s just making my point and ruining yours. You, fact-checkers! When someone gives an opinion, you recommend proving medical treatment and misinformation.

Your fact-checking is misinformation. They are information dirtbags. Just don’t get angry and cut me off! How weak is that? So you don’t like a genuine debate because I Piers Morgan your ass.”

After Ted Nugent’s controversial statements about Zuckerberg and invitation to a fair debate, everyone started expecting the Facebook founder’s reaction to these accusations, and they wondered whether he will join the discussion or not.