After being interviewed by an entrepreneur and founder of the website named Uncorked Living, David James Harris Jr, Ted Nugent was the recent guest of David once again, this time with his lovely wife Shemane Nugent.

Just as before, the main topics of the interview were the current political status of America and the count of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States. Ted Nugent once again called the death counts in both China and America ‘bullsh*it’ and accused FBI, CDC, and USDA being liars.

Ted Nugent stated that he’s eager to see the list of dead Americans for the last five years to compare it with how many are dying this year. Without doing it, the great citizens of America will not be able to trust the United States government, Ted Nugent said.

Here are the statements of Ted Nugent on David James Harris Jr. Show:

“They claim 160,000 people dead from the Chinese communist virus. Bullshit. They claim millions and millions have been tested positive [for the virus]. Bullshit. They claim that the ICU units are overcrowded. Bullshit.

Here’s what the guitar player wants. I wanna see a list of dead Americans, January, February, March, April, May, June, July of 2017. I wanna see a list of dead Americans, those months, for 2018. Of any deaths — all deaths. ‘Cause that’s what they’re doing.

You can get stabbed to death by a paroled murderer, and they’ll claim you died of the communist Chinese virus. We’ve heard it from the doctors. We’ve heard it from health departments who were told, ‘You can’t say he died of a heart attack. You’ve gotta put COVID-19.”

He continued:

“And I have one big battle cry that resonates across this country: bullshit. They are lying. The CDC? Liars. The FBI? Liars. USDA? Liars. The Bureau Of Land Management? Liars. The USDA? Liars. You cannot trust any of the government’s alphabet bureaucracies.

They are entrenched in that deep state leftover Democrat, lying, scamming gang. And until Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Lois Lerner and Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are in jail, America will not trust the United States government.

You can write that down. You can transcribe what I just said and call me a radical, and you’d be correct. Because I’m radical for justice, and I’m not seeing it.”

You can watch the full interview right below.

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