Former Damn Yankees musician and rock music veteran, Ted Nugent, made a new live stream on his official Facebook account yesterday and stated that he does not believe in the benefit of wearing a mask and having a coronavirus vaccine.

In his live stream on Facebook, Ted claimed that the government opening borders to give benefit to invaders at the same time is hypocritical. He also stated that he still does not understand how and when the masks contain people’s breath by criticizing Joe Biden due to his coronavirus policy by saying he doesn’t have that depth of evil and dishonesty.

As you may already follow our recently published articles that this is not the first time the rock music veteran denies wearing a mask. Back in March, he stated that some lady stopped him in public to warn him to wear his mask, and he responded by saying he has a permit to not wear it.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“Isn’t piss and vinegar essential for an American Dream? Huh? Critical thinking? Suspicion of elected employees who violate their oath in the Constitution. And probably unprecedented suspicion of a society that thinks that Joe Biden won the presidency. And that Joe Biden qualifies to be the leader of anything.

Would you let Joe Biden shovel the shit in your dog kennel? Because I wouldn’t. If that’s offensive, then what is he doing? I am incapable of the offensiveness of our government right now. I don’t have that depth of evil and dishonesty. So there’s nothing I say that can be anywhere near as offensive as to what they’re doing every day. Abandoning and destroying the American culture of we the people, the pursuit of excellence.”

He continued:

“Open borders. Giving benefits to invaders, but not our vets. Pure evil. Allowing invaders to come in by the millions but not allowing schools to open. Burning tax dollars for scam deals to benefit the financial orgy of his donators. The destruction of small businesses is the backbone of America.

The mask. Really? The mask. And the mask contains your breath when and how? A vaccine that was authorized in four months compared to every other vaccine that took years of adequate testing. Have you seen what’s in it?”

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