American rock singer and guitarist, Ted Nugent, who is a well-known supporter of Donald Trump, was the featured guest on ‘Triggered’ which a show hosted by Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and made interesting comments.

While talking about the presidency of Donald Trump, Rock veteran claimed that Trump has metaphysical powers that were given by God to rule The United States Of America in a proper way.

Ted Nugent talked about the Democratic voters and their dislike for Donald Trump by saying:

“I call it the manifestation of the cultural deprivation, where they not only pretend that the foundation of this country was based on those God-given individual constitutionally guaranteed rights, but they literally forget that it says ‘shall not be infringed.’ And I don’t know what motivates them.”

Nugent talked about his day to day life, trying to be productive and creative, he explained why he voted for Trump:

“Everybody I know — my band, my crew, my kids, my grandkids, my brother, my sister, my management, my incredible wife Shemane, my neighbors, everybody I know — busts their ass to be in the asset column so that they are productive.

And all those people realize that why we voted for your dad is because he not only was not status quo, he was ready to crush the status quo.”

He blamed the status quo for America’s current situation:

“Because every ailment that America’s experiencing, the world is experiencing, is a direct result of the status quo, traditional political machine. Your dad came in with a crowbar.”

Then, he talked about his views on Trump:

“I always tell everybody that Donald Trump is the closest you’ll ever get to Ted Nugent in politics, but I’ve gotta tell you, the time I’ve spent with your dad… I consider myself a high-energy guy…

Boy, have I learned something from your dad. I don’t know where he gets it. But that’s my point. I’m not being facetious.”

He stated that Donald Trump’s presidency was divine intervention:

“He’s on a mission from God. This is divine intervention. We needed a status quo crusher, and I can’t think of anybody except Donald J. Trump that could have pulled it off with such effectiveness, such absolutism and, shall I say, aplomb.

He came in when he came down that escalator, [and] he’s still grinning all these years later, and I think we can all learn lessons from your dad.”

You can click here for the source and watch the full episode of ‘Triggered’ below.