Ted Nugent shared a short part from his new song ‘American Campfire’ which is one of the tracks of his upcoming sixteenth solo studio album entitled ‘Detroit Muscle’ during his recent Facebook live stream.

As you probably know, Ted Nugent released his fifteenth studio album named ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ on November 9, 2018. In one of his previous live streams, Ted Nugent surprised his fans when he announced the name and tracklist of his upcoming album.

His long-awaited record named ‘Detroit Muscle’ will be released before the winter of 2021 and it consists of ten songs such as ‘American Campfire,’ ‘Come And Take It,’ and ‘Born in the Motor City.’ So, the fans started to wait impatiently for listening to Nugent’s new album.

Nugent teased the No. 5 song of his upcoming album, ‘American Campfire’ in the 33rd minute of his Facebook live stream. After the fans listened to a short part of the song, they shared their ideas saying that they loved the song so much and were looking forward to Ted Nugent’s new album even more.

In addition to teasing his new song, Nugent also invited his followers to examine the website of Hunter Nation as the national spokesperson of the organization by defining themselves as the conservative warriors who have been fighting against Marxists.

Nugent invited his fans to join Hunter Nation saying:

“Thank you for your support. Don’t forget to go Hunter Nation website. We are a massive army of conservative activists to stop this Marxist takeover of America. It’s been out of control.”

Therefore, it seems that Ted Nugent will not only focus on producing and promoting his new musical materials but also continue to his statements about gun rights, politics, and the current situation of America.