Veteran rocker Ted Nugent wanted to talk about the recent controversy about his being racist during a recent appearance on ‘A Bone To Pick’ podcast.

As you might recall, Ted Nugent announced that he lost a major sponsorship for his television show, ‘Spirit Of The Wild,’ just because of the allegations that claim he is a racist person.

In the conversation, Ted refused all the claims about him being a racist and told that it is actually the otherwise. According to Ted, there are no other musicians that promoted black musicians as much as he did.

Furthermore, Ted mentioned the bass guitarist he has worked with Johnny Gunnell and Marco Mendoza and said that he is a color-blind person that doesn’t even care about the race of anyone

Ted pointed out that race or skin color doesn’t matter if somebody wants to play with him. In fact, you need to be the best player in the world in order to join his band and that’s why he refused to be called a racist.

Ted Nugent said:

“I’ll tell you something outrageous: all people combined have not promoted black artists as much as Ted Nugent has my whole life. My bass player was Johnny Gunnell. He’s a black dude. My bass player after Johnny was Marco Mendoza. He was born in Mexico.

I am on record thousands of times — color doesn’t matter. Punctuality, work ethic, talent, dedication. If you wanna be a bass player in Ted Nugent’s band, you just have to be the best bass player in the world. I am color blind.”

You can watch the interview below.