The legendary rock music veteran and also known as one of the most patriotic personalities of the music industry, Ted Nugent, has shared a couple of new posts on his official Facebook account to share what he will do if the thugs try to attack his home.

While the protests in the United States still continue, Seattle police made a new statement last week and claimed that violent protesters targeted several businesses that take place in downtown, and even some of the demonstrators have managed to take over police precinct.

According to Ted Nugent, he will ever never allow something like that in his future life and do whatever it takes to protect his home and his family.

Here is what’s written on the picture that Ted Nugent has sent:

“If a mob can take over police precinct, what stops them from taking over your home?”

Ted Nugent answered the post he shared on his own and exposed that he will never allow anyone to take over his home and he’ll do whatever he can to stop them.

Here is Ted Nugent’s response:

“Me!!! I don’t allow violent thugs within rifle-shot of my home!”

You can check out the latest Facebook post of Ted Nugent below.

ME!! I dont allow violent thugs within rifleshot of my home!

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2020