The iconic rock musician Ted Nugent shared a statement via Instagram stories regarding the recent conflicts in America and he got quite emotional this time: ‘I love people. All people.

As you might know, the rock veteran Ted Nugent has been sharing his thoughts about social and political issues in America often on social media platforms. He and his wife Shemane Nugent were also known as passionate Trump-supporters.

Ted has been posting statements about the current problems regarding the Black Lives Matter movement in America for a while now. On a recent Instagram story, he wrote about the advice of ‘Uncle Ted‘ on how to stay alive in the event of police custody. Ted stated implicitly that the reason why many people lost their lives due to police violence, could have been prevented by the ‘right’ behaviors of those people.

Here’s what Ted Nugent suggested for everyone to do in case of conflicting a police officer:

“Both sides to the story anyone! I love people. All people.

And here’s an uncle Ted techtip on how to stay alive.

Do not break laws. Don’t fight cops. Obey cops no matter what. Do not try to take the policeman’s weapons from him. Do not struggle. Do not run away. If you feel you are being stopped or arrested unjustly, wait & handle it at the station or in court. Do not escalate the situation causing the policeman to fear fır his safety or life. Write that down.

Give it to everyone you love. Memorize it.

Live to celebrate another day.”

See the statement Ted Nugent posted on Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Ted Nugent – Instagram