Rock music singer and conservative political activist Ted Nugent shared a statement about the racist discourse in rap music and received the support of his fans on his request to ban rap music entirely.

The devoted supporter of President Trump, Ted Nugent has been sharing statements about the social and political issues happening in America often on his social media accounts, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests against racism.

Recently, Ted Nugent wrote a statement about the racist discourse that many rap musicians had been using in their music. Nugent claimed that even ‘pancake syrup or rice’ was less racist than rap music. Furthermore, he suggested rap music should be banned entirely considering its bad influence on society.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated in his recent statement:

“Are we banning rap music yet? It’s a lot more racist than Pancake syrup or rice.”

Additionally, the fans supported Ted Nugent’s statements by replying to his post with various comments and claimed rap music wasn’t even real music.

A Ted Nugent fan named Chris Weeks wrote:

It’s not music they steal bits and pieces of other people’s music put it on a loop, they can’t write their own and anybody can rhyme words’s all junk not music

Another fan named Linda Johnsey commented:

“I wish they would ban rap music it’s disgusting.

A fan named Jim Smart also stated:

My tennis shoes in the dryer makes more melody. Rap is the bastardization of sound waves.”

You can see the post Ted Nugent shared on his .personal Facebook account.

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Samstag, 8. August 2020