During his recent live stream on his Facebook account, Ted Nugent revealed that he will wear a mask as the Make-A-Wish foundation asked him to use one while meeting a dying young man.

As you may know, the Make-A-Wish foundation is a nonprofit organization founded on April 29, 1980, in the US. The foundation is dedicated to helping children, who had a deathly illness, make their wishes come true. Their wishes mostly are meeting their favorite musicians and actors.

Recently, a dying young man named Justin wished to spend a day with Ted Nugent. Thus, the foundation contacted Nugent to make his wish come true. Nugent agreed to collaborate with the foundation to make Justin happy in his last days, even though he criticized Make-A-Wish’s disapproval of hunting.

Also, Ted Nugent announced that he will wear a mask even though he has been an anti-masker as he considers it to be useless. He stated that the foundation obliged him to wear it, and he will follow the rules to make Justin’s last wish, which was spending the day with Nugent, come true.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“My condemning the Make-A-Wish foundation… I’m also supporting them, but kids wanted to go hunting with me, but the Make-A-Wish foundation wouldn’t let them before they die. See what happens to our society. That’s solace, downright cruel, and I don’t know how to express it.

Conversely, even with that cruelty, the Make-A-Wish foundation still does great things for children. I’m not gonna turn down a request from a young man who will come fishing, hanging out, and jamming guitar with me which I’m doing it this week. Young nineteen yeard old Justin got a terminal illness. It’s his last wish to meet Ted Nugent.”

He went on:

“I’m not bragging, but I’m saying that I’m the shitkicker and the guy that the left hates. One of the reasons why they hate me is because I connect with the best people in the world, you. That’s really a cultural suicide we’re witnessing out. Hunting is perfect for wildlife conservation, balancing, and keeping value-based management.

However, there is a children’s charity organization that finds fault in it. Can you imagine the indecency? So, I still honor the wishes of dying people to spend the day with me. We’re gonna give young Justin a great day. Barbecue and machine-gunning maybe.

We’re supposed to wear masks. All of the evidence concluded the masks don’t work, but you know that if the Make-A-Wish foundation wants me to wear a mask to make this young man happy, I’ll wear the damn mask.

There is no doubt that Ted Nugent will defend that the masks are useless, but he will wear a one for a dying young man who wants to spend a day with him.