Ted Nugent recently streamed live on his official Facebook account and criticized the US government’s ways of handling the protection of the borders. He advised people about what to do in case the country gets shut down and encouraged them to buy and learn how to use guns.

Ted Nugent is a musician, yet, he is currently more known for his controversial political views. He has strong opinions about the current US government and doesn’t cease to express them in his social media accounts. He supports the idea of building a wall in the country’s borders to protect America from migrants as he believes they are a threat to the country.

This idea was brought to the public by the former president of the US, Donald Trump. The current president Joe Biden does not support this idea, and that is why according to Nugent, he is an enemy of the people. Concerned about the safety of the citizens, Nugent encouraged people to buy supplies and guns that would be enough for them and their families for at least four or five months.

This is how he tried to get his followers organized:

“Stand strong America. Make sure you have some supplies in case everything gets shut down. Make sure you have plenty of medical supplies. I mean lots of gauzes, tape, Neosporin, and antiseptic spray. Make sure you have plenty of vitamins. Make sure you have some survival food. Make sure you are declaring your independence and that you can sustain yourself and your family for at least four or five months.”

He talked about his advantages and belongings by stating:

“Now, me, I have lakes, streams, and water filters. Plus, I have a generator that runs the entire Nugent Home and barn with our own well. Unlimited venison, ducks, fish, squirrels, and rabbits. I am an independent son of a bitch.

He continued:

“‘Ted Nugent is a radical, he’s like a preppier.’ Yeah, be prepared, that’s radical! In a world of sheep where half the country sings their new national anthem [mimicking sheep] ‘What can I do? What shall I do? I didn’t get my nails done. I need bling bling, and I need to pierce, I need some tattoos, and I need stuff.’ The pussification, the dumbing down of the zombie, the dependency in America is stunning. It couldn’t be more anti-American.

Be sure you have plenty of guns and ammo. You know how to operate them. Make sure everybody in your family trains tactically. You know how to operate it just like a toothbrush, you don’t stab yourself in the eye with your toothbrush because you’ve been practicing all your life to get the toothbrush in your mouth. You need to know your firearms that intimately. Where the safety is, how to chamber, how to operate the gun? What happens if there’s a malfunction, how to keep it, how to stay in the fight, make sure you have plenty of ammo in your practice.

Make sure you have enough food, water, a water filtering system, medical supplies, and maybe some solar-operated either generators or solar-operated battery chargers. Regardless of the world condition, that’s what I’ve always had. But now, more than ever, because our government has turned on us. It’s so heartbreaking.”

His fans and followers continued to support him in the comments section. However, it can still be concerning to see a big influence on American people encouraging them to buy and learn to use guns because they need to protect themselves from an upcoming attack.

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