Ted Nugent recently posted a video on his Instagram account and encouraged people to stand up against the government while arguing that it is their enemy.

Recently, Ted Nugent has been making it to our headlines with his activism rather than music. He recently shared his opinions about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and stated that it is a terrorist organization that wants to divide the country.

However, most recently, he shared a video on his Instagram promoting a website called Hunter Nation and stated that people should be more aware of their rights and talk about the injustices to the government officials, whom he described as people’s ’employees.’

He seemed to be fed up with the government’s wrong decisions, and as an activist, he strongly urged people to join Hunter Nation and tell their friends about it. 

Here is how he urged people:

“Never in the history of the world, or America or my life have I been so ashamed of my government, and at the threat of being censored. Maybe even have some jackboots break into my property and come and arrest me. It’s inescapable the evidence is irrefutable. The United States government is the enemy of mankind. I’ve said it so many times before: you can’t just piss and moan and squawk. You should call your mayor, your senator, your congressman, and your governor. I’d say daily at this point. Express how horrified we are.

That this commander in chief who did not get elected legally and his treasonous gang have lost all respect for America around the world. My friends please, if ever there was a time just go to Hunter Nation – I know, ‘what has hunting have to do with this.’ God, family country freedom, Country Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the golden rule, law and order. Constitutional oath accountability, that is what Hunter Nation is focusing on.

Get everybody you know, go to Hunter Nation. Tell everybody you know Hunter Nation. We need to create a force of conservative families in this country to scare the living shit out of these traitors in the Democrat party and the rhinos, the turncoats in the Republican Party.”

He went on to add:

“And if you’re not raising hell and scaring them back that we’re gonna stand up we’re not gonna take this much longer what they’ve done to my country. Twelve marines dead because of this treasonous anti-commander in chief. Oh My God. I’m a big common sense guy, you know, logistics. One plus one equals two. My life is worth saving from evil people trying to destroy my life.

That’s not an opinion, that’s a self-evident truth. That’s the foundation of the only human dream in the history of mankind. It’s called the American Dream. Raise hell, my friends, they’re walking all over us. Call your elected employees and raise hell. Don’t let them off the phone until you’re convinced they stand with us for constitutional accountability because right now there isn’t any. I love America, and I can’t wait to revive her. I love The United States of America, Constitutional Bill of Rights, freedom, life liberating, and pursuit of individual happiness. I love that America.

I despise those that are trembling us underfoot. Let your elected employees know that we’ve had enough, and let us pray to God. Go to Hunter Nation and let us hope that we get a real election in 2022, and we crush these monsters. God bless you all. Thanks for putting up with me. You know I am right.”

Hunter Nation is an organization that unites hunters and non-hunters from all over America, and they discuss their concerns about the country’s political problems. The organization also promotes and protects the United States Constitution, which is why Nugent wants his followers to join Hunter Nation.

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