American guitarist and singer, Ted Nugent, who is known for being a conservative political activist and a supporter of Donald Trump, recently shared a post on his official Facebook page concerning the corruption in America.

Ted Nugent claimed that he heard the incident from a reliable source in Michigan and pointed out the corruption of bureaucrats. He made a very blunt statement:

“Trump 2020 or America is dead!”

He then continued to share the incident that a friend of his went through:

“I have a Doctor Friend that I went to High School with. He became a Cardiologist and about 10 years ago became a Medical Examiner.

HE called me yesterday and told me he submitted to the STATE 17 Death Certificates on Senior Citizens in His area that Died from a Massive Heart Attacks.”

Allegedly, the state was insisting on claiming Covid-19 as the cause of death:

“The State returned all 17 and “Re-Wrote” the Cause of Death to: Covid-19 Related… When He called to ask “WHY??” He was told that is was likely that the “Stress” of contracting the “Virus” caused the Heart Attacks.”

Nugent continued:

“He was also told that if HE went Public… His STATE License as a Medical Examiner would be revoked. What the Hell is going on????”

Nugent’s post received 2K likes and approximately 600 comments. His fans were supportive of him.

Marie said:

“Because putting cause of death as covid 19 pays more to local hospitals and doctors. They receive $3,000.00 per death. And then the state can also receive more money from the government.”

Debra commented:

“What is going on is democrats taking advantage of the pandemic so they can blame it TRUMP”

Ben said:

“It’s an election year and mail in votes are their last ditch effort to win… that’s it”

You can read his Facebook post below.

From a 100% reliable source in Michigan. The criminal corruption by treasonous bureaucrats is entrenched and…

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Freitag, 22. Mai 2020