The famous rock musician and patriot Ted Nugent‘s wife Shemane shared the photo of a St. Louis police officer on Instagram who was killed responding to a pawnshop alarm during the looting.

The passionate Trump supporters, Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane have been showing their reactions against the protest to stop the police violence and racism taking place in many states.

Recently, on Instagram Shemane Nugent posted the picture of David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police captain, who was killed after responding an alarm at a pawnshop during the looting. Shemane was furious about the violent acts of protestors. On the caption of the post, she wrote:

Don’t know who this man is? You should. David Dorn was a 77 y.o. retired St. Louis police chief who was killed by rioters yesterday. Who are these kids beating innocent people in our streets? Stealing and burning businesses run by hard-working people of all races? Where are their parents? This is not who we are. We are better than this.

Shemane’s Instagram post received many comments from her followers.

An Instagram follower named Caroline wrote:

“It’s interesting that the BLM movement isn’t demanding justice for Chief Dorn”

Another follower named Tammy Story added:

“His life mattered too”

A follower named Brad McCrorie also commented:

“I like to see some marches for this beautiful individual. Such a life was taken by hatred. It is so wrong but I think the media caused such violence.”

You can see the post Shemane Nugent posted on Instagram below.