The wife of rock musician and political activist Ted Nugent, Shemane Nugent has revealed a message Instagram sent to inform that the verified badge will be removed from her account and she didn’t hide her disappointment over the news.

An author, podcast host, and Zumba fitness instructor, Shemane has been an active user and influencer on Instagram. She frequently shares some tips about several fields including mental health, fitness, food, and women empowerment.

Author of the books such as ‘4 Minutes to Happy’ and ‘4 Minutes a Day, Rock n’ Roll Your Way to Happiness’, Nugent got disappointed by Instagram, which is the most effective channel she uses for interaction. She posted the screenshot of a message the administrative team of Instagram sent to her.

In the message, it was stated that after a review, the verified badge of Shemane’s page will be removed. It was added that Instagram accounts with verified badges must be authentic, unique, complete, and notable.

Shemane said over this remark that she guesses she hit a nerve with her posts in which she clearly shows her support to Trump, as well. Otherwise, her page is not really authentic, unique, complete, and notable, Shemane continued.

Here is what Shemane Nugent said in her latest Instagram post:

“Well, I guess I hit a nerve. Or, I’m really not authentic, unique, complete and notable. 😩🤔”

You can see the post below.