Famous Rock music veteran and American singer-songwriter, Ted “Theodore Anthony” Nugent shared a rare astonishing photo of him, on his official and verified Instagram page.

As you will see below, Ted Nugent shared his feelings about the American soul music!

Here is the caption of the photo:

“OK my fellow maniac real music lovers everywhere this is it! Thank you Columbus Ohio last night for the ultimate firestorm rockNroll celebration!

Tonight concert number 6756 at Pineknob north of Detroit will surely be the definitive out of body shitkicker soundtrack orgy! The music made me do it!

Not a damn thing I can do! The music made me do it now I’m going to do it to you, again! Godbless American soulmusic!📷: @jebrown202″

A user named randylbin made a controversial comment:

“I saw you play at the Kellogg arena in battle creek. You were over an hour late and played for 45 min. Not that impressed.”

Another user named djdunbar3 responded:

“@randylbin You’re lying. Ted has NEVER done a show that was less than 3 hours not counting cameos. Maybe YOU were late and too drunk.”

Here is the photo below.