The iconic rock music veteran and considered as one of the best guitarists of the century, Ted Nugent, has posted a heartwrenching frame on his official Instagram page and said farewell to his old-time friend and the legendary late star Eddie Van Halen.

As you might already know, Eddie Van Halen has lost his long-time battle with throat cancer which was battling with since 2015. He was suffering from lots of things after he managed to become sober in 2008. He managed to beat tongue cancer in 2000 but he could not make the same for his throat cancer and died from the illness at the age of 65.

While the whole music industry mourns the death of the late Van Halen icon, Ted Nugent did not forget to say goodbye to his old friend and shared a rare photo that includes David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen and Ted himself.

Back in 2012, Eddie Van Halen had made an interview with Esquire and opened up about the story of how he met Ted Nugent in 1978. According to Eddie, Ted’s first reaction was wanting Eddie’s guitar for a little try-out session.

Let’s hear the story with Eddie’s words:

“Ted was cool enough to give the band a soundcheck. He’s standing off to the side and he’s listening to me, and he comes up and says, ‘Hey, you little shit! Where’s your little magic black box?’ I’m going, Who the fuck is that? And it was Ted.

Hey Ted, it’s nice to meet you, thanks for the soundcheck. And he’s going, ‘Let me play your guitar!’ I go, ‘Okay, here you go.’ He starts playing my guitar and it sounds like Ted.”

Here is Ted Nugent‘s emotional farewell message to Eddie Van Halen:

“Well dammit anyway! Eddie Van Halen is dead. Thank you Eddie for vitalizing enriching and stimulating our lives with your brilliance gifts and vision.

Jam on my friend. Jam on.”

An Instagram user named Oscar wrote this:

That’s a picture that represents my youth.

Another user named Ripon supported Oscar and commented:

“You and I both We’ll always have his music.”

You can check out the photo right below.