The lovely wife of famous rock music veteran Ted Nugent, Shemane Nugent posted a new photo on her official Instagram page today and revealed her new life purpose with her followers.

As you might read the caption of the photo below, Shemane stated that she will not hold back anymore in her life.

While writing great words to her followers, Shemane shared the bizarre frame she took while crawling.

Here is the caption:

“I’m not holding back anymore! I’m going to live, love, laugh and dance life out to the absolute fullest every day! I will smile at complete strangers and say hello. I will laugh loudly.

I’ll play all-out with my dogs, and I will probably make mistakes, have my heartbroken and endure trials I’d rather not. But I’ve learned that those tribulations have helped me to realize that God isn’t finished with me yet.

I have a lot to learn and more growing to do. Difficult times can knock us down, but we can always brush off the dust and get back up on our feet again.

#liveyourbestlife #livelovelaugh #danceislife #happiness #positivevibes”

You can find out the photo below.