Famous rock music personality, Ted Nugent’s beloved wife, Shemane Nugent has shared a new photo and announced that she’s building a healthy house via her official Instagram page.

A few days ago, Shemane has made some changes in her house. Firstly, she changed house’s parquet, and now she is building a new room.

Also, she has explained why and how she’s doing it.

Here’s what she wrote:

“A lot of people have messaged me about how to build a healthy home. There’s way too much involved to go into here.

My documentary, coming soon, will discuss some of the products we used. Most importantly use paint with no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Ask your builder about offgassing. We are not using wood stain in the interior of the house, unless it’s already off-gassed. Don’t use carpeting. Ah….!

So many things to share. More soon! #healthyhome #construction #buildingahouse.”

You can see the photo right below.