Veteran rock legend Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent has posted a new bikini photo on her Instagram account to show her fit body.

Shemane Nugent is a producer and writer, and she also known for her fitness work-outs. Recently, she shared a her photo which taken when she’s lying on sunbed. Here’s what she captioned:

“Seriously? Summer is almost over? 😩 #summer #sunshine #sun”

A follower named Jabonit wrote:

“Why as we get older does it seem that time goes by so much faster than when we were young , just why ???”

Shemane responded:

“I know!!🤔”

Another fan named Randall asked:

“Every time I look your on vacation must be nice”

She responded:

“I work from my home.”

You can see the photo below.