The iconic rock music veteran, Ted Nugent’s lovely wife Shemane Nugent posted a recent and funny video on her Instagram Stories and reposted one of the most-liked posts of the famous Instagram page, ‘Dog Videos and Pictures.’

As you might check out the post of Shemane below, she did not write anything on the video but reposting it.

Here is the caption of the video below:

“Haha this is great 😂
Via @ghost.the.sammie

Follow @daintydoge”

You can find out the post of Shemane and watch the video right below.

Last month, a famous rock music personality, Ted Nugent’s beloved wife, Shemane Nugent posted a touching photo of her dog and shared her love with Coco with beautiful words.

As you will read the description of the photo below, Shemane admitted that she loves to hug her.

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