Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent Rocks

On Instagram, Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane shared a video of herself introducing her new Youtube show called ‘Simply Shemane’. But, her cool outfit and her young look attracted the followers’ attention even more.

Ted Nugent, who is better known as the lead guitarist of the American rock band, The Amboy Dukes, has been married to Shemane Nugent since 1989. Shemane defines herself as a fitness instructor and healthy lifestyle freak and she says she is ‘on a mission from God to make America healthy again’.

Recently, Shemane announced on her Instagram page that she is producing a show called ‘Simply Shemane’ and interviews with guests like George Lopez, Diana Lynch Davis, and of course Ted Nugent.

However, the fans were more interested in, and maybe a bit jealous of her young look and cool outfit at the age of 57. Despite her age, Shemane showed off her shaped body and proved that she can still pull off any outfit.

Check out Shemane’s video on Instagram below.