American guitarist and singer as well as a conservative political activist Ted Nugent‘s wife, Shemane Nugent, shared a photo of herself with her breasts censored on her official Instagram account.

Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane Nugent are known to be supporters of Donald Trump. They are constantly sharing their thoughts on politics through their social media accounts.

Shemane Nugent’s Instagram post is referring to Donald Trump’s recent comments on social media. This week, Trump complained about social media companies and accused them of censoring conservatives.

Donald Trump also threatened the companies saying that he would shut them down. It seems that Donald Trump will sign an executive order to redefine the law regarding social media platforms to limit their power. 

Shemane Nugent shared a photo of herself with a censor on her breasts and wrote:

“Well, well….Looks like I’ve been censored.  No, silly, not because of this photo.  You’ll never see naked photos of me.”

She continued saying:

“This one is quite tame actually.  But the good folks (trying to stay positive) at Instagram seem to think my live videos are too risqué (conservative?) to post. Hopefully @realdonaldtrump can change this.”

Her fans were supportive of her:

Christina said:

“So stupid! I hate this censorship but what I hate more is how other people SUPPORT it. I would never ask my liberal friends be censored, so why are more not outraged that conservatives are censored. It’s ridiculous”

Susan commented:

“Instagram, Twitter and Facebook do not treat conservatives unfairly! I hope President Trump is able to stop this unfairness!”

Kem said:

“Are you serious? The liberal media is deleting anything they don’t like. Gearing up for election. Keep posting! Your doing great. ❤️🥩🥩🥓💪”

You can see the photo Shemane Nugent shared below and click here to see the original Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent – Instagram Post