While the whole community has stopped sending new stuff on their social media to mourn George Floyd and show their respect to the black community, famous Donald Trump supporter Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane has decided to ignore the movement.

As you might check out the Instagram post of Shemane below, she has pretended like nothing has happening today and showed off the latest look of her living room.

She also took fans’ attention to his two little cute dogs hidden in the photo.

Here is what she wrote:

“Can you see my little friends?

#gsd #germanshepherd #labradorretriever #homedecor”

An Instagram user named Lance Landis asked this:

“Is this the new house you’ve been talking about? From what I see besides the pops is a beautiful home.”

Another Shemane follower named Thomas commented:

“Beautiful and I see your friends one relaxing and one peeking!”

You can see the latest Instagram post of Shemane below.