The iconic rock music veteran Ted Nugent’s lovely wife and famous social media influencer, Shemane Nugent, posted a new photo with her son Rocco ‘Moon’ Nugent, and to be honest, she looks even younger than her 30-years-old son.

You might already know that Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane uses many special products to keep her skin and body as young as they can get. Today, after sending that rare photo, many fans took to comment section to praise her beauty.

Here is what Shemane wrote on the caption of the post:

“During this world crisis, we’ve all experienced the loss of simple freedoms we took for granted. Is it possible there’s a silver lining to this is quarantine?

We’ll look at the little things we used to do much differently, like meeting a friend for coffee, date night at a restaurant, or for me, hugging my son, step kids & grandkids on Mother’s Day.

We will all be changed by this forever, but within us is a strength and fortitude that we will not only survive but THRIVE!”

A follower of Shemane named lauralee712 commented:

“I have had positive changes during this. It definitely makes you stop and think.”

A die-hard fan of the Nugent family, tina.marone, shared her great message:

“Grateful for the simple things in life. Human contact is essential! 🤗 Hugs to you and Rocco.

You can check out the photo below.