The famous rock music veteran Ted Nugent’s lovely wife and well-known social media influencer, Shemane Nugent, posted a new photo from the self-quarantine and amazed fans with the things she shared.

As you might already know that Shemane is a huge motivator to her followers about being healthy and fit all the time. But this time, she confessed losing her self control during the quarantine days and ate some snacks.

Here is what she wrote:

“Don’t judge. What secret quarantine snack did you get? #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantinesnacks #treatyourself”

An Instagram personality named baseballdemon19 commented on the post:

“Your right though!!! I just picked up some cookies and milky ways lol 💓💓 I was trying to hide it.”

Another follower of Shemane named bboafbispwbt wrote his choice:

“Nestle Crunch and M&Ms. 😬”

You can see the latest post of Shemane below.