Veteran rocker Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent encouraged her followers by sharing a new post via her official Instagram account.

In the post, Shemane pointed out that it took fifty years to find her own voice and told her followers not to be like her. Instead of waiting for too long, they should be bold and brave.

Furthermore, Shemane stated that the mistakes she made in her life and her fear to being loud about the things she wants to speak made her who she is today. Also, Shemane said that she needed to learn those lessons of betrayal.

While revealing the mistakes she has made early of her life, Shemane called out her followers not to follow her steps and encouraged them for being bold and brave. In this way, they could be loud about themselves.

Here is what Shemane Nugent said:

Finding my voice took 50 years too long! Don’t be like me. Be bold and brave. Give your heart to God and pray for guidance, strength, peace, and grace.

The mistakes I have made, the tribulations I’ve endured, my insecurities, and my fear to voice my opinion in the past, made me who I am today.

I needed to learn those lessons of people walking all over me, of betrayal, and heartache. Be brave, sister. “

You can check out the post below.