Day by day, Ted Nugent’s lovely wife Shemane Nugent gets closer to her 58, and it seems like she’s aging like a tasty wine. Today, she posted yet another photo on her verified Instagram account and showed her perfect body once again.

You will see the photo of Shemane below that she’s making her ordinary gym session wearing colorful spandex, and her body looks like she’s an 18-years-old teenager while she’s relieving her stress.

Here is the caption:

“Who needs some stress relief? I do! Join me at 10 am central today for a Zumba in the Circuit workout live here on Instagram!

Int-adv. Equipment: medium hand weights, sliders or 2 paper plates #zumba #zumbafitness #zin #zumbavirtual #zumbainstructor #onlinefitness”

A follower of Shemane named Mitzi Obrien shared this:

“How about some stress away? It’s beautiful!”

Another user named Terry Rininger showed his admiration to Shemane:

“You always look happy! Love everything about you, young lady!”

Shemane Nugent responded gently:

“Awwww! You just made my day!! 🙏🏻✨”

You can check out the photo of Shemane Nugent right below.