Famous rock music veteran Ted Nugent’s lovely wife and also well-known social media phenomenon, Shemane Nugent, posted a couple of weird videos on her official Instagram Stories today.

As you might check out the video of Shemane below, she is making really strange dance figures with a hot-looking leopard-print dress.

You can watch the video of Shemane below.

Earlier this month, Ted Nugent has shared a never-seen-before letter by 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, for his anti-drug stances via his official Instagram account.

Since the 1970s, Ted Nugent has been in war against drugs and alcohol so he became a role model for all of the pe, Ronald Reagan, sent a letter to Ted Nugentople. In July 1983, the president of the United States and shared his opinion about his anti-drug stances.

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