Rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent’s wife, the famous fitness instructor Shemane Nugent, recently posted a photo of herself alongside a quote on her Instagram account with which she challenged the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his vaccination policy.

Shemane Nugent is a well-known fitness instructor and writer who often makes it to our headlines with her controversial statements and upcoming projects. As it is widely known, she is a Donald Trump supporter like her husband, and the two of them accompanied the former President during his rallies.

Since the election of President Joe Biden, Shemane and Ted have been expressing their concerns about election fraud and the future of the United States. The Nugents also believe that the government is trying to oppress its citizens through COVID-19 restrictions and they are also against the COVID19 vaccine.

Recently, Shemane posted a photo on her Instagram account which includes a quote that mocks Joe Biden and the COVID-19 vaccine. Shemane says that she’s ‘so grateful Pres. Joe Biden supports a woman’s right to choose’ and goes on to say that she chooses not to get vaccinated because it is her body and her choice.

Here’s what Shemane Nugent wrote on her photo:

“I’m so grateful Pres. Joe Biden supports a woman’s right to choose. I choose NOT to be vaccinated.”

This is what she said in the caption:

“Type ‘Yes’ if you agree.”

Click here to check out the photo that Shemane Nugent posted on her Instagram account.