Iconic musician and patriot Ted Nugent’s wife, Shemane Nugent, revealed why she couldn’t breathe for a while via her official Instagram account and made everybody laugh with her joke.

In the post, Shemane thought that she wasn’t breathing because of the coronavirus in the first place, but the reason was the tight pant that prevents her from breathing. After sharing this post, Shemane asked her followers if anybody feels the same as her.

Here is what Shemane captioned:

“At first, I thought that I had COVID because I couldn’t breathe. Then I unbuttoned my pants and it was all okay.

“Seriously, is anyone else feeling this way?”

A fan named Jenny added this comment:

“Hahaha that was me! But the gym is open again thank God! 🙌🏼”

Another fan named David Anderson said:

“That’s a good one 😎”

You can check out the picture below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent – Instagram